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Daygame Blueprint: A Review From Someone Who Has Purchased It

Today I want to highlight the Daygame Blueprint course: a video course taught by Yad and Andy Yosha, experts in the field of daygame. 

By the way, this isn’t another B.S. review. I actually have the course, and will show you proof below.

The Daygame Blueprint course is actually a recording of a live seminar which was held in London. And the focus of this seminar was to teach men how to meet women in every day situations.

While most men focus on night game for meeting women (at nightclubs, bars, etc.), the reality of the situation is that women are all around us. So most men actually miss most of their opportunities to meet some amazing women. That is why daygame is so important.

And that is why the Daygame Blueprint course can be so life-changing for so many men that may have never thought of daygame as an option.

There are plenty of seduction products out there, but I will explain why I think this one, specifically, is important. But first, let’s talk about what you get in the course.

(Or you can go straight to the source and get the Daygame Blueprint by clicking here). 

Daygame Blueprint Contents

Let’s do a quick rundown of what you actually get in the course. It actually  happens to be quite a lot. While most “courses” are eBooks, this one is a lengthy one. In other words, you actually get what you pay for.

The Daygame Blueprint is broken down into 5 modules (or topics). Within each module is a series of videos.

Below I will list the contents of the course…along with screenshots of the videos so that you know I have actually gone through it! 

Module 1: Capture

Daygame Blueprint Module 1

In the first module, the Daygame Blueprint goes over “Capture,” or in other words, how to get a woman’s undivided attention. This is obviously something that is crucial to your success. So the information here is priceless.

There are 7 videos in the “Capture” module. These are:

  1. Daygame foundations
  2. The Attention Snap
  3. The Prehistory
  4. The Observational Statement
  5. Assumption Stacking
  6. Approach Anxiety Annihilation
  7. End of Day Q&A (again, this was recorded at a live seminar, so you get the benefit of seeing people questions answered – and people often have the same questions so this is very beneficial).

You can get the Daygame Blueprint by clicking here.

Module 2: Attraction

Daygame Blueprint Module 2

The second module of Daygame Blueprint is the “Attraction” module. This one teaches you how to switch on women’s “attraction triggers.”

But even more importantly, it helps solve a problem that a lot of men have: how to keep a conversation going! 

After breaking through the first barrier of approach anxiety (which is addressed in the first module), many  men face the problem of how to keep talking to a women. Being at a loss for what to say is very frustrating. And this module will take care of that for you.

There are three videos in this module:

  1. The Attractive Daygamer
  2. The Rules of Attraction
  3. Humor and Self-Amusement

You can get the Daygame Blueprint by clicking here.

Module 3: Rapport

Daygame Blueprint Module 3

The third module of Daygame Blueprint covers a topic that is an essential foundation of basically any dating program on the market: building rapport.

There are claims that if you do this right, then you can actually just sit back and have the woman picking you up. 

So…important? I’d say so.

This module has six videos:

  1. Authentic Communication
  2. Deep Rapport
  3. Number Closing & Instant Dates
  4. Creating Deep Connections
  5. End of Day Two Q&A
  6. Self-Esteem Supercharger

Of course that last video is important for many men who suffer from anxiety and fear due to self-esteem issues. Confidence is not only a feature women find attractive, but it’s a trait you need to have in order to talk to women in the first place. So this is a great video!

You can get the Daygame Blueprint by clicking here.

Module 4: Seduction

Daygame Blueprint Module 4

The name of the fourth module of the Daygame Blueprint basically says it all: “Seduction.”

But this module not only covers the topic, but also goes into detail about how differs from what most guys are familiar with: night game.

Obviously most men want their interactions with the opposite sex to end in a sexual encounter.

But seduction during the day is a bit different and women may have a different set of objections that you must overcome.

This module addresses those topics and issues in four videos:

  1. Leading & Logistics
  2. Day Two Strategy
  3. Inner Game of Sexual Escalation
  4. Outer Game of Sexual Escalation

You can get the Daygame Blueprint by clicking here.

Module 5: Advanced

Daygame Blueprint Module 5

The fifth, and final, module of the Daygame Blueprint is titled “Advanced.”

Once you get all of the basics down, this module will definitely come into play. It covers more advanced techniques and teaches about daygame in more specific situations (i.e. when you are on a plane or in a shopping mall).

And, as you will see from the video contents, it covers a topic that most men will find very intriguing: same day lays.

This module consists of three videos:

  1. Indoor & Spontaneous
  2. Same Day Lays
  3. End of Day Three Q&A

You can get the Daygame Blueprint by clicking here.

So What’s the Downside of Daygame Blueprint?

As I always say, no product or course is perfect. That’s not to say this isn’t a good one, but there are really just a few issues here that some people might find to be a downside (although I didn’t).

The first, and the one that most people will cite as a downside, is the price point. This course isn’t cheap (at least compared to other course).

But you have to remember that this is a recording of a live seminar – a seminar that you would have to pay exponentially more for in order to attend. So while the price point is high, the value is much higher.

The other downside also stems from the fact that was recorded at a live seminar.

The seminar lasted for three days where attendees received all of the information in sequence. That won’t really be the case here. You do receive it in a way where you can go through in sequence, but it’s a lot of information to have access to at once.

The key is to not get overwhelmed. Go through in order. Practice. And don’t jump the gun.

Remember, there are no overnight successes, but if you follow the course and work at it – this will work for you and you will change your life. 

Daygame Blueprint: The Bottom Line

The sad reality of the situation is that most men miss out on the vast majority of their opportunities to meet women.

And those men that do learn daygame can be much more successful because they can meet higher quality women while facing much less competition.

If you want to be in the small percentage of men that can meet women anywhere, then this is the course for you.

And, as a great safety net for those of you who are on the edge, the course comes with a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

So if you want to improve your love (and sex) life, get the Daygame Blueprint today.

Click Here to Get the Daygame Blueprint

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  1. maxim says:

    daygame blueprint is great. It really helped me start more interesting conversations with girls in the daytime.

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