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Text Game: 5 PUA Text Openers

Girl Likes TextYou should apply game theory to your text messaging as well. Do not be boring, keep it interesting and keep her on her toes. If you are not sure how to proceed with text game, here is a list of 5 messages you can send to get the ball rolling. These can all be used to quickly start a text conversation.

Text Opener 1

Message: “Knock Knock…”

Why it Works: It spurs interest and implies there may be a joke to follow. This has a high likelihood of response because everyone loves a good joke, right? Consider this flake prevention. You do not actually have to tell a  joke after her “who’s there” response…just go into whatever you want to talk about.

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Text Opener 2

Message: “Hey! I really miss you and want to see you badly, BUT this dumbass security guard won’t let me into the zoo. Can you escape?”

Why it Works: Well…its funny.  It’s a bit of a backhanded compliment. You are letting her know you’re thinking about her and miss her…but making fun of her in the same breath. This shows her she’s important enough to you, but also keeps her on her toes. If the girl has a sense of humor (don’t know why you’d want one that doesn’t), she’ll enjoy this message.

Text Opener 3

Message: “I am luring girls into my house with candy, which do you prefer: skittles or M&Ms?”

Why it Works: This is message that girls with a sense of humor will find funny. It also shows sexual intent on your part. If she actually gives you an answer, she’s probably interested (especially if she comes up with an answer other than skittles or M&Ms, i.e. Snickers).

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Text Opener 4

Message: “Made you look! Looks like I got you in check ;)”

Why it works: Another playful and funny one. There is a very high chance of response; and she is likely to respond in one of two ways:

  • The defensive response: “you don’t have me in check!”
  • (or) The playful response: “yeah I guess you do!”

If she responds playfully then you know she’s interested.

Text Opener 5

Message: “I just saw something that reminded me of you.”

Why it works: You are basically telling her that you are thinking of her without doing it straight up.  But she will also be curious as to what you saw that made you think of her. Very high likelihood of getting a response.

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Play your text game correctly and you will be getting more dates with more in no time.

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